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Hanna Guttentag is the original founding member of 3 Heart Strings.  Hanna is a senior at The University of Florida.  She has been working non stop the past 7 years to help grow 3 Heart Strings. 

Sofia Rothenberg, is the youngest founding member of 3 Heart strings.  She is currently an incoming Freshman at Tufts University.  Her goal is to spread kindness one smile at a time.

Gabby Fisher is an incoming Freshman at Emory University.  She joined the 3 Heart Strings team in 2018. 

She is honored to have joined the group and enjoys helping to change the world through kindness.


Rachel Hofert is a junior at Geffen Academy at UCLA.  She founded the west coast chapter of 3 Heart Strings in 2018.  She has found it very rewarding to give back to different communities in need.

Anna Kim is a junior in high school and a member of the 3 Heart Strings West Coast team.  

Through making and selling bracelets she has learned about the importance of helping

others and enjoys being able to support impactful causes alongside her friends.

​Lauren Ofstein is a rising senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  Volunteering with 3 Heart Strings since 2019, she is now an east coast officer, officially joining this amazing team in 2022.  Her goal is to spread strength, kindness and support to make our world stronger together

Madisyn Fierstat is an upcoming senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  She has recently been introduced to 3 Heart Strings in 2022.  She is an officer for the east coast team.  Through 3 Heart Strings, she has loved spending time helping to make bracelets and ultimately support a multitude of differing causes.

Alexa Schulman will be an incoming senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  She has been a volunteer with 3 Heart Strings since 2021, and became an East Coast Officer in 2022.  3 Heart Strings allows her to fulfill her goals of spreading love and helping others, while supporting impactful causes.