Hanna Guttentag is the original founding member of 3 Heart Strings.  Hanna graduated from The University of Florida in May 2023 and is currently applying to PA school.  She has been working non stop the past 7 years to help grow 3 Heart Strings. 

Sofia Rothenberg, is the youngest founding member of 3 Heart strings.  She is currently a sophomore at Tufts University.  Her goal is to spread kindness one smile at a time.


Rachel Hofert is a senior at Geffen Academy at UCLA.  She founded the west coast chapter of

3 Heart Strings in 2018.  She has found it very rewarding to give back to different communities in need.

Anna Kim is a senior in high school and a member of the 3 Heart Strings West Coast team.  

Through making and selling bracelets she has learned about the importance of helping

others and enjoys being able to support impactful causes alongside her friends.


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